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Quotes from Our Customers

"Tetrahedron, Inc. was on time or early in meeting proposed schedules and were very proficient in response and requests for any special formats. Scientifically, they immediately showed an excellent knowledge of the needs of the contract"
____US Environmental Protection Agency

"Tetrahedron met all the stringent requirements of the EPA along with fulfilling every element of the contract."
__ Garden Community Environmental Citizens Group

"Tetrahedron represents the ultimate in both technical excellence and business ethics"
___ Applied Ordnance Technology

"Tetrahedron made laudable performance not only in designing these courses but also in the delivery of the subject matter to the recipients at the participant training, executive seminar and outreach level. The courses were highly appreciated and the participants immensely benefited"
___ United States of America - Agency for International Development

"Tetrahedron performed their work at or above expectations in all cases. They were very responsive to requests for special formats and met all schedule.... I rate this subcontractor overall as excellent"
___ Westinghouse Savannah River Company

"Over the past two years, the Small business 8a contractor, Tetrahedron, Inc., has performed high quality work with excellent timeliness on a variety of environmental projects.... Tetrahedron's personnel were able to perform the work to everyone's complete satisfaction"
___ US Army Corps of Engineers

"As the American Petroleum Institute representative on the task group, I am please to commend you and your staff on the outstanding achievement and results of the study Tetrahedron provided. The study was performed in a timely manner, all deadlines were achieved on schedule and within budget"
____ Chevron

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