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Oil Contaminated Borrow Pit Owned By Shell Oil Company


  • Worked in an environment where support services such surveyor, laboratory analysis, and equipment are hard to acquire.
  • Designed innovative method of treating the contamination by using TetraNute1 (our own product) as a nutrient for enhancing microbial activity.
  • Successfully completed the project on time and with budget at the complete satisfaction of the client.

Picture of the oil contaminated site in Nigeria being remediate using microbial treatment process designed by Tetrahedron, Inc. utilizing TetraNute1 and aerator system.

  • In less than one year, we were able to bring the concentration of TPH of the bulk of wastewater to under 20 ppm.  This is in spite of the challenge that we spent more than 6 months of the time in administrative tasks in Nigeria.

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