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Toxicological Evaluations and Risk Assessments

Tetrahedron provides toxicological evaluation support to the Office of Pesticides Program (OPP), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  We provide technical assistance by:

  • Writing Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) documents for the Health and Effects Division (HED) of the OPP, EPA.
  • Conducting peer review of IRIS documents for HED.
  • Preparing Data Evaluation Records (DERs) for the Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division of the OPP, EPA.
  • Developing Eco-Risk Assessment Guidance document for the Environmental Fate and Effects Division (EFED) of the OPP, EPA.
  • Conducting eco-risk assessment for a radioactive contaminated site for the US Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Conducting risk assessment (health and eco) for a pesticides contaminated site at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

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