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of Air Containing Explosives

Nitroglycerin mitigation at Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head, Maryland

  • Designed, fabricated and operated an air treatment unit that was capable of treating 400 CFM of air containing nitroglycerin (NG). The waste was generated by a Naval Surface Warfare Center Production Facility in Maryland.
  • Reduced emissions of NG in air by greater than 95% and brought it within the regulatory allowable limit.
  • Ensured safety by selecting material of construction and developed operating procedures for the treatment system that passed the strict hazard evaluation criteria set by the U.S. Navy.

Picture of the scrubbing unit, designed and built by Tetrahedron, Inc. for treating NG in air.  The unit is capable of treating 400 CFM of Nitroglycerin contaminated air with NG concentrations of 45,000 µg/m**3

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